Top 25 recommended rewilding texts:

  1. Rewilding and Biodiversity: Complementary Goals for Continental Conservation (1998) Soule & Noss
  2. Theme issue ‘Trophic rewilding: consequences for ecosystems under global change’ (2018) Bakker & Svenning
  3. Rewilding: Science, Practice, and Politics (2015) Lorimer et al.
  4. Feral (2013) Monbiot
  5. Status and Ecological Effects of the World’s Largest Carnivores (2014) Ripple et al.
  6. Re-wilding North America (2005) Donlan
  7. The trouble with wilderness, or, getting back to the wrong nature (1996) Cronon
  8. Recognizing the Autonomy of Nature: Theory and Practice (2005) Heyd
  9. Large-scale nature development – the Oostvaardersplassen (2009) Vera
  10. Will-of-the-land: Wilderness Among Primal Indo-Europeans (1985) Vest
  11. Seed Dispersal and Establishment of Endangered Plants on Oceanic Islands: The Janzen-Connell Model, and the Use of Ecological Analogues (2008) Hansen et al.
  12. Rewilding South American Landscapes (2017)
  13. Rethinking rewilding (2015) Jørgensen
  14. Rethinking Rewilding: A Response To Jørgensen (2016) Prior & Ward
  15. Reimagining Rewilding: A Response To Jørgensen, Prior, And Ward (2016) Cloyd
  16. A rewilding agenda for Europe: creating a network of experimental reserves (2016) Jepson
  17. National Rewilding Forum 2016: Outputs, Summary, Discussion and Next Steps (2016) Sweeney
  18. Science for a wilder Anthropocene: Synthesis and future directions for trophic rewilding research (2015) Svenning et al.
  19. Wilding: The Return of Nature to a British Farm (2018) Tree
  20. Are the ghosts of nature’s past haunting ecology today? (2018) Silliman et al.
  21. Using ecosystem engineers as tools in habitat restoration and rewilding: beaver and wetlands (2017) Law et al.
  22. Chapter 23: Rewilding (2013) Sandom et al.
  23. Rewilding – A New Paradigm for Nature Conservation in Scotland? (2012) Brown et al.
  24. Wolves for Yellowstone: dynamics in space and time (2018) Boyce
  25. Chapter 1: Rewilding Abandoned Landscapes in Europe (2012) Navarro & Pereira

Further recommended rewilding texts: