Wilding — An evening with Isabella Tree

March 7th, Bruton, Somerset, UK (BA10 0AE)


Opportunities and Issues in Re-wilding

May 22-23rd, Sheffield, UK (Sheffield Hallam University)


Rewilding – A Solution for Climate Change?

5th June, Newcastle, UK (NE11 9XF)


The Beaver: Scotland’s Ally

July 6th, Redgorton, UK (PH1 3EW)


The Big Picture Conference: Bringing Rewilding to Life (details TBA)

September 21st, Stirling, UK (FK9 4LA)


Past events:

Rewilding Scotland, February 7th, London UK (The Royal Geographical Society), 6pm

Annual North American Rewilding Conference, January 25-27th, Portland Oregon (N Central St)

A day conference to look at issues surrounding biodiversity, habitat management and conservation in the High Peak, January 19th, Bamford, Derbyshire, UK (S33 0DY)

Rewilding and its Effect on Nature and People, January 11th, Cambridge UK (CB2 3QZ)

Rewilding in a changing climate, December 11th, ZSL London Zoo, 6pm

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey, December 8th, Beauly (Scotland) 7.30pm

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey, December 1st, Ullapool (Scotland) 7.30pm

Restoring Siberia’s Mammoth Steppes to stabilise a ‘carbon bomb’, November 30th, Oxford UK (Oxford University Museum of Natural History)

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey, November 30th, Braemer (Scotland) 7.30pm

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey, November 24th, Edinburgh (Scotland) 7.30pm

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey, November 22nd, Fort William (Scotland) 7.30pm

Rewilding: Perspectives and Applications Conference 2018, November 20th, Cotswolds UK (Royal Agricultural University) 8.30am

Scotland: A Rewilding Journey, November 16th, Cairngorms UK (Kingussie) 7.30pm

Back to the Wild: Rewilding and species re-introduction in the UK, November 13th, London UK (UCL), 4pm